National Elf Hansi Flick and the question of expectation

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Immediately at the beginning of the press conference before the World Cup qualifier against Armenia (Sunday), Hansi Flick has a little clarified. We coach, says the new national coach of the German national team, we are coaches of course not blinds, and we are not there too to talk to things beautiful. We can, what the door yield against Liechtenstein is concerned, at a result of 2: 0 not be satisfied. Then follows a big one: At the beginning of a way you go as a coach with a team, other things are crucial. The 56-year-old calls the keywords and labor will. And what concerns that, he says, be not a reproach to his team. That was important to me.

The reason for this clarification is obvious: also flick had read the critical reports after the quite thin victory against Liechtenstein in St. Gallen. From abort instead of departure was there mentioned, or of it that you would have seen a lot of well-known from the era of his predecessor Jogi Löw at Flicks – and that was expressly meant as compliment. According to the self-confident and optimism, the national player in the first few days of this course, a high victory was expected against the stark outsider. However, this expectation was not fulfilled. The German elf was difficult.

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Flick warns: We have to be well prepared

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Even the new national coach would have wished for a few goals more, he had not stressed on Saturday, but also right after the game. But he wanted – unlike the public – not too hard with his new team to go into court. And at that, he also knotted before the second game against Armenia: We have a very good quality in the team. I trust her. We have a very good one with each other, he said, but we have to import. You can also see with Bundesliga teams that they should first find themselves under a new coach. We also need time to implement the new game idea and the new philosophy.

Excellent changes are therefore not expected if the listings are announced on Sunday evening. Some, however, already: Manuel new, who was spared against Liechtenstein due to ankle issues, go back to the goal. Kai Hvertz (influenza infection) is struck, his use is still open. Robin Gosens, on the other hand, will fail – even if he is not so seriously injured how it feared flick first. As a left-part, Hoffenheim’s David Room could celebrate its debut, which is the only remaining player for this position in the squad. We have, Flick said, but also a few other options.

HAVERTZ-USE on the cant – Gosens is sure

Regardless of the staff, the national coach wishes the existing leader of Armenia good football and that we pass by. For this purpose, the DFB-ECT requires a home win in Stuttgart Stadium, which will be visited by 18,000 spectators. You have to see, Flick demanded from his players, that there is a team on the lawn that gives everything to play successfully. How that was already the case against Liechtenstein.

Once again, Flick expects a rather defensive opponent – but a significantly higher quality and a bold pressing approach. They press, they run on and they have fast switching players at the front, so that they can play in favor of ball gains directly offensively and put their offensive people well in scene. We therefore have to have a good residual defense with ball loss, said flick, especially before the ex Dortmunder Henrikh Mkhitaryan and the Hoffenheim Sargis Adamyan warned: We know all how fast and technically good they are.

Of course, the external such as internal expectation to the DFB-EC eleven does not change anything. Victories against Armenia and Wednesday in Iceland are scheduled. We have two games in front of the chest, which have a lot of meaning, Flick said. We want to have nine points more at the end of the week than at the beginning, that’s our goal. If this project succeeds, there should be little clearance for flick.

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