Leitl Have players who increase our level

How were you with the test in Regensburg and especially with the new entries Satisfied Mr. Leitl?
I had to breathe briefly because I thought that Sebastian Griesbeck hurt himself right away after the grasse, but it was just a blow. All three have left a very good impression, unfortunately, has Jetro Willem’s knee problems, the joint is slightly swollen, there we have to look, as it reacts after the burden, with Cedrick Itten you could see what he is for a kind of striker he is. Sebastian Griesbeck will give us stability in the center through its species.

were filled with the recent transfers only the gaps in the squad or also forced the competition in width?
I find when Nick Viergever next week comes to the fact that we are properly set up for the Bundesliga season and have a good competition. Especially the post-committed players will make us better. Unfortunately, the first shot was on our goal again. Regensburg, was twice in the sixteen, we had a lot of opportunities, we have played well well in both halves and won highly deserved.

Again, the opponent in both halves with his first action was the same fire and went in leadership . How do you get the phenomenon from the heads and from the game?
Maybe by just do not talk about it anymore. The goal is to look for the contact in the box, I have to stay on my husband, which must not be free to heads, then the header comes uncontrollably to the gate. In the 2nd situation we miss the counterpressing twice, because of course, the field will always be great, such situations will always be in football, of course you can defend that better. On the other hand, we have played out many good situations, had many good chances.

Was that again the Fürth as you imagine?
Yes, much more, we could relocate much more to the opposing half, and then we can also combine well, but we also played against the leader of the 2nd league, which has also increased very well in width. These are no longer only 12, 13 players, but 18, 19 men who have very good secondary level. You also asked us everything, that’s why I’m satisfied with the performance.

Are you the advantage over the upcoming opponent Wolfsburg because you have almost your entire team available in the country break?
This will then be an advantage if we can use the in the two weeks, if that is enough to pass against Wolfsburg, stands on another leaf, but I think we are physically and tactically again a step further . We have gotten players to increase our overall level, which also automatically increase the training level, which also has a very different intensity in training. That’s why we will make the next step. But Wolfsburg is the leader of the Bundesliga peppered with national players, there’s a lot of force on us, but I see ourselves well prepared, especially what the physical is concerned.

These are the Bundesliga summerties 2021/22