Issonto Factory will be released on September 30th on Steam and French

After more than three years of development and a lot of delay, Kan Gao and the other members of Freebird Games announce that the Narrative game ImpoTo Factory will be available on September 30th on Steam, succeeding the highly appreciated to the moon and Finding Paradise.

Available in French as soon as it exit, unlike its two predecessors, ImpoTo Factory is linked to to the moon and Finding Paradise but it is not necessary to have played these titles To enjoy it, Kan Gao tells us. It is highly recommended to you warmly if only to seize the formidable complicity between Neil Watts and Eva Rosalene, these doctors who enter the minds of people on the point of making the soul to realize their greatest wish by modifying their memories.

For what we know, Issonto factory will tell the story of Quincy, a man who during a party in a mansion will be involved in a story mixing trip in time, unexplained murders, cat suspect and tentacles Lovecraftiens. No need to expect more or even to make sense of synopsis, it will be necessary to jump on September 30, wishing to live such a beautiful and strong experience as with to the moon and Finding Paradise .


Issonto Factory (to the moon 3) – Trailer # 2