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_ from the national team report Matthias Thersch and Sebastian Wolff _

The extended arm of the coach on the square has already left, the captain pauses at least the insertion of Hansi Flick on Thursday in St. Gallen against Liechtenstein. However, the new national coach also explicitly does not look at his premiere without Thomas Müller and Manuel. We have enough players to replace them. We’ve seen in the training sessions exactly what we have imagined had a tremendous intensity and quality.

Goalkeeper new plague ankle problems, Flick has set itself on Wednesday on the press conference on Bernd Leno as a replacement and relies on the Bayern Keeper on Sunday against Armenia. At Müller, however, no attempts are started. An assignment on Wednesday would have been possible with hot needle, reveals the coach, but the risk is too big. And the selection just in the offensive more than sufficient. Müller should cure the complaints in peace. A measure, which is also in the sense of Bayern.

I also considered the shower earlier, who should wear the bonds.

Hansi Flick

Flick wants to set exclamation mark and send signals. Especially this: The team tears out for Germany. I am absolutely thrilled as we all handle each other. And exactly this joy wants to transport the 56-year-old over the lawn on the ranks and in the living room. A question mark, of course, he has to be alienated until then: that after the captain’s question. I also considered the shower earlier who should wear the bandage, he explained with a wink.

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Flick clear: Leader Kimmich is planned in midfield

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Joshua Kimmich is not only as the player with most international matches predestined for the role as a new replacement, but also because of its central position. In front of the bus departure to St. Gallen once again publicly stated that he sees the 26-year-old in the headquarters, reverse on the right defensive side, as during the EM under Jogi Löw, should not exist. He will definitely play on the six, is one of the best players on this position. And in the opinion of the national trainer still not at the end of the development. Joshua is already an absolute model, but he has to take the next step now.

Kimmich and the biceps

With bandage? He worn and betrayed that for the first time four years ago at the Confed Cup in Russia and betrayed that she had been too great at that time. I had to make her narrower with a clamp and said that the biceps must grow until next time. If Kimmich gets the office on Thursday, this would be the strength for him in the word of the word. At least in terms of muscle construction, however, he has apparently doubt the next step itself: Should it come, I hope that the bandage has become a bit smaller …

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Captain’s nobility for Kimmich? See if the biceps has grown

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