Kunze knows where it goes long at Arminia

Especially in a phase in which with new access Sebastian Vasiliadis a supposed regular player still suffers from the aftermath of a syndesmosis injury and does not play, it is important for coach Frank Kramer to have an adequate alternative in hand. Unobtrusively for superficial eyes, but for insiders almost indispensable Fabian Kunze at the Bielefelder 0: 0 against the SC Freiburg his job in the midfield, pushed on the side of the rhombus even phase with and thus offered in the middle team part for his secondary people Manuel Prietl, Alessandro Schöpf and Masaya Okugawa a great support.

60 percent won two-fighting and a pass quota of 79 percent brought kunze a very decent Fabian Kunze note of 2.5. As a connecting player or eighth he is hardly imagined in this form out of the game.

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It was an extremely important point, the native Bielefelder was now in the club TV of the DSC Arminia to the game exit against the Breisgauer. We realized in the last season how important every single point can be. Much had already very appealing from Bielefelder view. Of course, however, that you still have to turn some set screws. But that’s normal after the preparation. We have to see that we work hard every day. So happened in the current training this week, as a lot of intensity, many two-fighting had been in it. But that’s exactly what we need for the weekend again.

Kunze does not need special instructions

In Fürth, Kunze, who once tried once in the youth of FC Schalke 04, was trying to come back to Arminia’s pillars in the SV Rödinghausen’s East Westführische Regionalligist SV Rödinghausen. Special instructions he does not need from Frank Kramer. He knows where it goes long, knows his tasks on the square. I try to implement. Since the coach does not have to come to me like a little boy. I’m already 23, do not belong to the very boys anymore.

What the Franconian newcomer to his team, which can be supported by up to 400 own fans in the stadium, Kunze also knows: It’s like any game in the Bundesliga a 50: 50 game. We have to see that we have the Situations that arise, decide for us, and with all the man trying to defend the gate.