How a tragic murder inspired the epic GBA CLASSIC GOLDEN SUN

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Image: Memoir Productions

Golden Sun The series may have been inactive since the launch of Dark Dawn at the Nintendo DS, but it is a franchise that, however, has a base of passionate fanatics, and the love of a man For the original GBA game it has resulted in a very special tribute.

Bryson Elam, known online as Wing Adept, is the light guide behind the ambitious project ‘Golden Sun Broken Seal Director’ s Cut ‘, which he describes as a count of the first game, with voice performance, rescued music and personalized illustrations . and animations, to help expand the game.

In recent years, Elam has gathered a team of talented artists and dubbing actors (including Mike Pollock, who played Dr. Eggman at Sonic Animate Series, and Brandy Kopp, Lady’s Voice Malutena in Smash Bros. ) To beautify the History of the JRPG epic of 2001, which, said, it was 20 earlier this month.

However, his desire that the project took off was inspired by something more than a simple affection for the game itself; For Elam, Golden Sun has a much deeper and more significant connection: it is its way of connecting with the memory of the late friend of it, Fabián González.

At this point, we will allow ELAM to explain:

Fabian and I knew each other from an early age, our two mothers were single mothers and, at that time, they worked for the United States Army. Our friendship would become an unwavering bond over the years, calling us at joke the Mario Bros. As regards Golden Sun, I got the game for Christmas that year, but at first I was disappointed, waiting for another game. However, Fabian advised me that at least prove the game. From there, Golden Sun became my entrance door role play, not only became my first, but also in my favorite. Its importance evolved over the years, meant the bond he had with him. As we became older, we both took separate paths; He would join the Air Force, while I went to college, but we both promised to work on a special voice project in Off belonging to the series once we came back to find. Unfortunately, before we had the opportunity to start, he was killed while visiting his family. He was 21 years old.

Being someone who has had to move from one place to another, I never had the opportunity to make many friends. And the death of Fabián left me completely devastated since he was the only person in the world that best knew me. However, I decided to honor the memory of him by keeping our promise alive. Upon entering this, I wanted to make this project special. But I faced myself with an overwhelming task, with factors such as: similar projects made by more established groups, along with my skills, experience and limited resources. I knew this was too great for a person to handle it alone.

Dark And Light First Impressions
Fortunately, I would unite forces with another passionate fan of the series called Jazz, which had previously contributed to a large project related to the series through Golden Sun Abridged Series. Together, we were able to gather a small group of voice actors and artists and, with the help of him, we would have a platform to show our work through Memoir Productions (a more appropriate name, considering everything).

What started with seven dubbing actors suddenly became ten. Then 20; Now, the project has more than 50 announcers (including high-profile professional actors) along with several musicians and a team of artists and animators. However, with this increase of support, I felt an internal pressure to overcome me, not mainly for me, but by the simple fact that I wanted this project to be something that people could look back years later and have a sense of pride of To be part. Of something so great.

There is no doubt that Elam has created something that serves as an incredible tribute to González; The project is an incredibly high standard considering that it is, in essence, a non-profit effort made by fanatics. The first episode (which has a tribute to González at first) was published on YouTube in 2018, and the most recent delivery was launched a few weeks ago.

While it is evident that there is much more work to be done before this project can be considered complete, Elam recognizes the incredible impact that the company has already had in your life:

For all the success that I have obtained over the years, I have endured many losses; Most notable and painful was the loss of my intimate circle. These people helped to raise myself and become the person that I am today and have been my greatest supporters; The biggest is my mother. It hurts me that I can never see them again, let alone share my success with them. There is no time when I do not think about them. However, although these personal losses have been seriously affected, at the same time they helped me to motivate me. When I look back, I owe a lot to this project. Not only has it prevented me from going down a dark path, but has also given me a focus and a way of crying. There have been many cases in which this project has found setbacks, from personal anguish to unfulfilled promises. In spite of everything, I have convinced myself that everything I have had to endure to this point during the last decade was not in vain. All the time, all the preparation, the sacrifices, was worth it, and I owe it in large part to my team; Without them I’m nothing. From the actors of dubbing, the artists, the animators, the members of the production team, to the fans themselves. I owe it to each of them, as well as myself, to take this until the end, for good or for bad, and I can not thank them enough for their help.

Unfortunately, Golden Sun’s artist, Hiroshi Kajiyama, is no longer with us, but we are sure that seeing his creations to charge a new life would have been incredibly satisfying, even if it is not through a new video game, which is what Many fans want.

Be sure to review the episodes currently available by visiting the Memoir Productions YouTube page.