DePay rescues Bar a in Bilbao the draw

That Barcelona has definitely weakened his weaknesses, not least at the 4: 2 for the prelude to San Sebastian had just been striking for the late counterparts. This became even clearer at Athletic Bilbao. The Beskens in which Inigo Lekue ran on the right back for the not quite Fitten de Marcos proved to be a better team. Bilbao was in the middle of the midfield, played quickly and directly, often over the wings, forward and gained in passage one opportunity plus. Only the goal (yet) fell.

And almost there would have been the cold shower, because in the reflection time of passage one brought the previously substitute for the pissed piqué Araujo the ball at the sighted fall backdrop in the gate. But the Bluegranana was not allowed to cheer, because referee Juan Martinez Munuera decided on Offensivefoul by Braithwaite, who had prevailed robust against Balenziaga in the emergence. It was a reasonable decision of the impartial, but certainly none that every referee met.

Bilbao and the force issue

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But now the decision of the referees had just fallen – and it went with 0: 0 in the second round. In this, Bilbao remained pleasant thanks to its run-intensive and thus causative game. Berenguer still failed at the Araujo (46th 46th), before Inigo Martinez swung in a corner into the air and to highly deserved 1: 0 (50th).

It looked good for Bilbao, which got visible force problems with progressive playing time. At Barça, for which the only 18-year-old Austrian Demir (lent by Rapid Vienna) celebrated its La-Liga debut in the 62nd minute, the faces meanwhile looked much more fresher.

Depays Premiere – Garcias looks red

The game now tilted more and more, the guests became stronger, approaching the compensation: De Jong failed only on the latte (74.), but then escaped deepay and marked with a viewing left shot from six meters not only the 1 : 1 (75.), but also his first La-League goal for Barcelona since his change from Lyon this summer.

At the draw, it also stayed because DEPAY in the 86th minute rushed just passed and so missed the double pack. In the detention time, Barças Garcia then fetched the red card because of an emergency brake – the defender had previously recovered the ball against the substitute Nicholas Williams.

Inigo Lekue.tv – voice

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