Wrong Player Haaland is and remains a machine

Germany in War Thunder be like...
That was advertising for football! These words spoke Hoffenheim’s coach Sebastian Hoeneß shortly after the dramatic and entertaining 2: 3 of his strongly maintaining team at BVB. What the 39-year-old but in conversation with Dazn also had to admit: We just make a good game here, I’m really proud of the team. And just Oli (baumann; Note d. Red.) parsed like The whole game above even at the end, only twice outstanding, only then the ball just jumps the wrong player in front of the feet …

Those False Player was Erling Haaland, who scored in the first minute of injection time and only shortly after the Hoffenheimer 2: 2 by Munas Dabbur 3: 2 victory goal for the BVB. Achieving here is the wrong word. For the Norwegian lurked again in the right place again, do not torment a few meters in front of the box long – and droes the ball with full force untenable under the latte.

His phenomenal willpass celebrated Haaland directly afterwards with a long jubiling in front of the 25,000 approved spectators in the signal-iduna park, had to congratulate himself from the teammates – and shortly after the final whistle again with cheer gestures before the ranks the moment. He then handed his jersey again to a child who had asked for a self-teened poster.

Haaland’s quality? I do not have enough words for that …

Team College Jude Bellingham, in the meantime even with the 2: 1, tried in an interview time again to describe his true colleagues. His word choice: He’s just a machine. I do not have enough words for describing how well he is … and what a good guy he is.

We showed character.

Marco Rose

That also underpins the statistics again: Since Haaland has changed in January 2020 to the Westphalia, the national player is at 63 compulsory players. From Europe’s five top leagues has only showed more goals during this period Robert Lewandowski (77). Cristiano Ronaldo (61), Kylian Mbappé (55) or Lionel Messi (54) are partially cleared in this time frame. And in just 46 Bundesliga games, Haaland is already at 43 successful admissions, for example, seven hits in the DFB Cup join only six missions.

And on top of that, this goal of the 21-year-old brought very important three points after the recent 1: 2 setback in Freiburg. It was out of the back a willpower. And if you win this game 3: 2, there is a rest and time, that was why a satisfied BVB coach Marco Rose, who supplemented: Hoffenheim was really good today and has us Many problems prepares. But we have shown character, have come back and won the game.

Pictures to the game Borussia Dortmund – TSG Hoffenheim