In 2022 the sun s diablotin will light a fire in your heart

Newly arrived on the independent scene, Sunwolf Entertainment will launch its first output game: Imp of the Sun, which will arrive on Steam platform and Epic Games early next year.

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Imp of the Sun appears as a platform for non-linear 2D action that combines fighting and rapid exploration in a world of stunning Peruvian inspiration, light peaks of the Andes to the dense Amazonian jungles. This South American iconic style is easy to see the artistic style of the game reveals an obvious passion for ancient cultures of this part of the world.

Worship for the story seems to be an essential part of the identity of Imp of the Sun – a major way to learn the history of the game will be through hidden artifacts known as Quipus. In the real world, it was recording devices made of knotted cords used to track digital information. Now I do not know how the creature of fire with which you play will collect ropes without destroying, but I think I can let this go – the protagonist of the design is just too cool to be left out, and idea of ​​playing as a living fireball offers a ton of puzzle concepts and gameplay nice. The question is whether the game will focus on these ideas, but I hope for my part that this is a direction they will take.

The plot of the game is simple – the power of the sun decreases, and it’s your job to relight – save the world from an eternal eclipse. A simple concept, but sometimes simple ideas can be among the best. Some great moments can come from the simplest building blocks, especially if the game works well with your simple. Just look Ori and the Blind Forest Hoa or more recently released, the atmosphere can bring the fun of a game itself, and the game Imp of the Sun seems to be many.

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