Indivisible trailer done by Kill La Kill Animators Studio trigger

everything is better with anime openings

Indivisible is a crowdfunded game announced in July 2015. After failing to achieve its initial goal, the campaign has been expanded and successful. Indivisible is a 2D action RPG and has a style that lends itself well to animated sensitivities. It seems natural that the lab Zero Games developer and the 505 games publisher have hired Trigger Studio to create indivisible trailer. You may recognize their job when they lived Kill La Kill and a similar animation for Shantae and seven sirens.

The trailer has been published yesterday, via the account @indivisiblepg. The tweet is preceded by a spoiler warning, but I watched everything. Certainly, not knowing anything about the game, I do not think I understand enough for something to be ruined. The trailer shows a girl in training outside her village, followed by an assembly of her monsters in combat. We also see companions that it seems to welcome in his body, then convene using an agreement of the third eye type. It can also turn into an improved form of combat.

The trailer ends with an elegant logo and an output date. Indivisible will be released on October 8th on PC, Xbox One and PS4, as well as on Nintendo Switch later. Lab Zero Games has also developed the highly rated game 2012 Skullgirls.

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Source: YouTube