ZORC I knew that the August would be complicated

Of course we were disappointed on Saturday and mad across the defeat. It was our plan to take something in Freiburg, but there were reasons why that did not work, says License Player Sebastian Kehl the Made mistakes and leads out: We have a few Made mistakes, in one or the other situation were unclean and partially unconcentrated. We have to be sharper.

The opponent also made it defensive very well, as in our previous game at the sc. The 0: 2 has played them and their way of playing in the cards. We then did not have the right means in certain phases, especially with the ball , Kehl and underlines that it was more possible: The truth also heard that we had a variety of game options over the entire game to win the game. So the rating of the game would now be completely different. Sports director Michael Zorc agrees: On the other hand, we would have to do more of our dominance. And we did not use the chances of our dominance. We did not use it. This is also part of the truth.

Kehl and Zorc are not surprised

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Jew Bellingham and Erling Haaland awarded the best opportunities and could not prevent the discussions that now emerging. Not from that nothing comes the setback for the Dortmund responsible for the difficult preparation but not anyway. We know that we will continue to improve, we will do that too. We are therefore not surprised, and we have emphasized it more often that we are in a difficult phase at the beginning of the season because we first gradually gradually can integrate. This has been confirmed in Freiburg, says Kehl and is supported by ZORC: I knew that August would be complicated because many players were late, partly injured, partly isolated. Through the European Championship, many national players rose until the end of August in training.

That’s why the sports director, many have to play, though they are not yet in their best constitution. This fact is a lot due – even if that was slightly superimposed by the very good start in the cup and in the league. That, for example, left-back Raphael Guerreiro in Freiburg had to come into play so early for the struck Nico Schulz, of course, was not planned.

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The Dortmund people can classify the setback so well and remain without doubt about the idea. We have to continue working, one or the other will come back now. It is important to our approach and convinced our approach, says Zorc, Kehl adds: We need some time and patience. That’s why we can give the game Rank well in Freiburg.

Nevertheless, in all the understanding of the situation of the trouble on the lost counters, it is clear to the future sports director: Nevertheless, we could have done better and have the claim to collect as many points in the current phases as much as possible.