NBA News Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets interested in Paul Millsap

Paul Millsap is still looking for a new team. The Unrestricted Free Agent is a report but on the note of several top teams. Both the Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors are interested in interest.

This reports Mike Singer from Denver Post. Warriors continue to have their taxpayer Midlevel Exception ($ 5.9 million) available to take new players under contract. Brooklyn could only offer a minimum contract (2.6 million) to the 36-year-old. Millsap could possibly be ready for a better chance to give up money.

The Big Man spent the past four years in Denver, before he was active for four years in Atlanta, in which he was elected to the All-Star. In the jersey of the Nuggets, he set up 9.0 points last season and 4.7 rebounds at 47.6 percent from the field.

In Mile High City, however, Millsap does not seem to have no future. After his contract expired in the summer, the Nuggets Jeff Green, who will take the role as backup power forward.

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The veteran is one of the most prominent, still remaining names in the Free Agency pond. Also Lauri Markkanen, Avery Bradley or J.J. Redick still has no new employer. The latter had recently announced to sign a team in the course of the season. The sniper continues to choose with problems on the heel.