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Kevin Durant has talked to the Golden State Warriors in an interview with blacher report together with ex-teammate Draymond Green over his departure with the Golden State Warriors, which influence of the famous dispute between him and Green at the game against L.a. Clippers had it. In addition, KD explained why he opted for a change from OKC to the Warriors.

It was not the dispute, it was the fact that Steve Kerr (Head Coach of the Warriors, Note d. Red) and everyone else so did, as if it had never happened, Durant said to the question of whether the dispute said Green against the clippers was the reason for his farewell from Oakland. Bob Myers (General Manager) just thought he could forget everything by punishing you.

The twist was originating in a game of Warriors in the Regular Season in November 2018 against the clippers. Shortly before the end of the regular season it was 106: 106 with seven seconds on the clock, Green ran with the ball in half of the clippers, ignored Durant who demanded wildly gesturing the ball, and did not make a litter in the Time to get rid of it. Then it came on the bank to a visible confrontation between the two.

It was the first time that something like this happened to us as a team and I think we just had to let go of everything. I would have wished that we had said as a team: ‘Yo, Dray (Draymond Green), K (Kevin Durant), that was shit that we had to experience that. Let’s just wipe our hands and do our job. ‘ But we did not do that and the mood, which then arose, has made the entire situation funny for me. Communication is the most important thing to me, but that did not happen and that – more than everything else – finally expelled, explained Durant.

Green about dispute: They broke everything

Green gave the situation very similarly. She (Kerr and Myers) put me in a room for 45 minutes or an hour and told me, I should apologize. I said to them, ‘I’m talking to K, but you do not have to explain what I have to him say. ‘ The next day, she asked me again if I was ready to apologize and I told them: ‘You are on it and tuned to make it up. The only ones who can clarify them are K and I.’ You can do nothing. ‘

Then Green was suspended for a game and the dispute between the two has been broken up medially. In my opinion, you have destroyed everything that, said Green and Durant agrees. I agree.

Durant played at the Warriors for three years before changing the Brooklyn Nets for three years and won two championships before he had to injure himself in the finals and had a long time. In his Free Agency he left Golden State, his move to San Francisco he has not regretted until today.

Durant about GSW change: no-brainer

It was a basketball decision, but I also showed that I’m shit, what others think. I could beat two flies with one stone. But above all, I felt that I was perfect for you (the Warriirs) would fit. I just arrived at a point in my career I had to try it. It was a no-brainer. I would make it just as well. Alone from the view of the games, the interviews, the mentality I knew, That that’s the way I wanted to play, explained Durant.

For many people, Green inclusive, he made the impression in his last GSW season, he lost the fun of the team and would be mentally looking for a new challenge. He rejected this accusation.

From the beginning, I knew exactly what my role was and what I had to do so we win every night. I was completely focused. As a result, people out of the team asked himself if I had fun with it. But if I have so deep In something, I do not want to be different in the world nowhere. This experience after the first championship was the most beautiful I’ve ever had. If that had not been the case, I would not have played 78 games in the coming season and always given everything. I was completely focused and tried to ride this wave – more than anything else, Durant said.

The Golden State Warriors celebrate their title: Selfies, straw hats, Swag-Mobile and schnapps!

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