The new patch of The Ascent breaks the game

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At the end of last month of July arrived _ The Ascent _ to Xbox and PC. This is an RPG of action with a cyberpunk aesthetic, which has managed to conquer many players. However, since its launch, several problems have been reported with elements such as the Frame Rate and the Multiplayer. While Neon Giant, the developers are working to solve all the inconveniences, a recent update seems to have created even more problems .

After its launch, many players noticed problems with several aspects of the game, which were solved with an update on August 6. However, this improvement only came to PC, leaving Xbox and Windows 10 users, via Game Pass, waiting for a solution. Once the update came to the Microsoft platforms a few days ago, people began to report that The Ascent is in a worse state .

Neverwinter - Xbox One Gameplay (1080p60fps)

In sites such as Reddit, players have pointed out that Frame Fate brokes have become worse, with sections falling to 10fps . On the other hand, some have mentioned that the progression of its character disappears without prior notice when entering a cooperative mission. In the same way, others allege that it is impossible to get some trophies due to several glitches.

At the moment there is no response from Neon Giant, but it is likely that developers are already working on solving these problems. _ The Ascent_ is now available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Game Pass. Let’s hope that these inconveniences are solved as soon as possible, since the game has great potential. You can check our Gameplay of this title here.

Via: Reddit.