Open World Murder Mystery Paradise Killer Japanese version delivery started STEAM version is 35 off sale

It is an open world murderer ‘s paradise killer that has been released overseas in 2020, but the delivery of Asian versions, including Japanese, was started.

In this work, we will solve the murder case as a lady love die of the investigation on the island that was released. Identify a murderer from among the suspects that are too unique and have to find a solid evidence to guilty.

Really away. Civilization of malicious humans who try to revive the dead alien. Closed room murder.

Paradise is an island that plays every few thousand years. There, the people who worship aliens are focused on the crisp gods, and I am spilled a psychic power towards the universe to restore the day. But the power was interested in the devil who tried to collapse each island. The bad deeds continue until the lawmaker creates new reality-.

The system is not perfect, but someday-The next island will be perfect if it becomes the perfect 25. But the legislators are killed at the eve of regeneration and paradise will be killed.

In response to that, the lady love die of the investigation otak was called from the exile destination for the criminal search. This is a crime to end all crimes.

What is the fact? What is the truth? Is the same two?

Suspect mystery mansion , gameplay walkthrough (part 1)

* Let’s make the paradise good
The mission imposed is to find a murderer and demonstrate no chance. In the trial, we will expand your interpretation based on evidence. The incident is considered to be solved only if there is a guilty judgment, and Paradise island is saved.

    • What is the fact? What is the truth? Is the same two? **
      Truth means that the suspects that can be murderer can do, and the way to perform murder is not one. Even if a convincing prosecution and a guilty judgment was made, it can be said that the mystery was really solved?
  • Let’s explore the island of the secret
    Paradise is a mystery-like tradition and even an even mysterious mystery, and is the island with another future history. If you examine strange artifacts, you will be able to know the super realistic history of the world.

  • Learn only paradise of you
    If you choose the person to be accused, it will be verified to be guilty. At paradise, everyone is trying to get a secret and get something. If a person who has been a friend has become a new suspect, you must choose evidence, leisure, and your beliefs. There is a lot of murder’s suspect. But by those who choose, the truth for you is determined.

      • Let’s collect evidence **
        You can investigate from another area, if you guided to a PC and an electronic assistant starlight. Collect evidence and record testimony, interpret facts, and assemble your only truth.
  • Let’s unlock hidden areas
    If you solve the puzzle of the hierograph on the ancient nightmare computer, you will be able to go to a new area in the island. Find the evidence hidden there and stye a horrible secret.

Paradise Killer Japanese version is delivered to Windows (STeam) / Nintendose switch, which ends all crimes and clearing facts and truth. The price is the STEAM version of 2,050 yen ( 1,332 yen of 35% off until August 23 ), Nintendose switch version is 2,500 yen ( 10% off until September 6 ).